About Us


We, one of the leading first aid training company offer unique solutions and training, to meet the growing demand over first aid training for outdoor employees. We well aware that every organization gets differ from each other and we train employees on basis of their organization environments.

Below listed are the training programs that employees can get trained by our experts

  • Safety & health training
  • Fire fighting training
  • OSHA (Occupational health & safety management system training)
  • Transportation safety training
  • Emergency response training
  • HIRARC (Hazard identification and risk assessment)

Why to choose us?

Though, you can find lots of safety and health training centers in the market, we stand unique with our special approach while offering first aid training for office employees or volunteers. Apart from training, basic first aid for employees, we do offer below listed training which are essential in the work place.

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • How to Prevent Injuries?
  • Things to do for Controlling Bleeding
  • How to treat wounds?
  • What to do during emergency situation?

 What We Do?

All our safety and health courses are incorporated with the latest and innovative learning techniques which can be easily understandable by all range of people. We have specialists in our entire training program; they will assist each and every trainer with care. After ensuring that trainees are well aware of the subject, our trainers move to next procedure.

In addition, our leading first aid training company experts provide scenario based interactive training where trainees would be able to gain practical experience along with verbal knowledge. And more importantly, our trainers ensure our training programs will not be dull instead they handle training program in an interactive manner which makes every attendee to be active in terms of learning aspect.

As for big companies who require training for their employees in bulk numbers, we offer various discounts and relaxations. In context, we are flexible and affordable when it comes to training locations and timings for training organizational employees. We know that it would be hard for employees to spend their precious time with us, so we provide training on the basis of “simple to teach and simple to learn” concept.

Benefits One Can Avail with Us

  • With our enhanced safety and health training program, employees will be able to understand the safety protocols and things which are needed to be followed during emergency situations.
  • Training we offer gets differed according to the organization’s hazards and environment, this is will be more effective apart from concentrating on general aspects.
  • Our trainers consider facts like the job profiles, awareness, working condition along with the experiences of employees before training them.
  • For organizations or employers, our training program will create awareness and ability to understand the hazards prevails in work place among the employees. This enables to prevent accidents and helps to increase productivity along with safety measures.
  • After completing our training program successfully, employees would feel their responsibilities better than before and follows the safeguard procedure during work hours.