Safety Training Malaysia does offer OSHA Training (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to workers. Our goal is to assure a safe and healthful working environment for both working men and women by setting and enforcing the standards.

Below listed are the training we provide:-

  1. Chemical handling training
  2. Forklift training
  3. Forklift maintenance training
  4. Working at height training
  5. Office safety training
  6. PPE training
  7. Confined space safety training
  8. Fall protection training
  9. LOTO training (lock out tag out)


Training offered to workers at risk

We offer a variety of training to workers and also for employers to follow the safety rules and regulations of ensuring their protection. However, all of our services are extremely beneficial for any industries and factories. In that way, the chemical handling training is the one that can help the workers to get the idea about the ways to handle the chemical items in factories.

As well as, the forklift training also provided for the workers to enhance their skills in lifting the trucks and any other items. However, we ensure you to provide the training in the best effective manner. Added to that, the forklift maintenance training is also offered for the workers to regulate the machines. Of course, we can also help you to let you know about the tools and guards to be used for protecting yourself while working.

Our OSHA (occupational safety & health administration) training has offered some useful training for the worker to ensure their protection in the well effective manner. As the way, we have also offered the program for the workers who have worked at height like tallest buildings.  However, this training is very important for them to achieve their target without any problems.

In addition to that, our office safety training can help the workers as well as the employers to secure themselves in the office environment, when there is any unwanted actions are happened.  So, it is highly beneficial for the workers to protect their products and themselves in the hazardous situations like fire, flood, earthquake and more.

Personal safety training for workers & employers

Of course, we have also offered the PPE training for the workers and the employers to improve their health and safety in the workplace.  Actually, this is called the personal protective equipment training to ensure the safe environment.

Added to these training, our OSHA training is also offered the confined space safety training for the employers and the workers. Actually, this course can cover the health and safety hazards that are associated with the permit require confined safety space entry.  This course can also include a variety of topics based on the space.

Then, our fall protection training can help you to know about all the things about the fall protection equipment and more.  This training course is also comprised with variety of topics. Of course, we have also provided the LOTO training that is simply known as the lockout and tag out. It can also help the workers to ensure their safety.