Confined Space Safety

Confined space safety training one of the most dangerous training which are not commonly offered by many safety training service providers. Here we offer training procedure based on the factors like job profile, employee’s wiliness, and more importantly employee’s ability.


TITLE OF PROGRAM: CONFINED SPACE SAFETY TRAINING. Will be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia & English.

DURATION16 hours (2 days).

METHODOLOGY: This training will comprise presentations followed by discussions and practical.  Validation and quizzes will be held at the beginning, during and end of the training. Practical assignments will be assessed. The program will culminate in scenario based exercises to be worked out during site visit before the training.

PARTICIPATION: A session is limited to a maximum of 15 to 18 participants. Participants should be personnel including contractors who enter and conduct works in confined spaces.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: Training will be based on Client’s SOP or work procedures for confined space and DOSH issued Confined Space Code of Practice (COP). At the end of the training session, participants will be able to:

  •  Understand impacts of the legal requirements of confined spaces.
  • Recognize confined space(s) hazards.
  • Be familiar with entry organization and duties of authorized persons.
  • Practice the management of a confined space entry permit.
  • Practice confined space entry and rescue procedures.


COURSE OUTLINE/CONTENT: The contents for the training are as follows:

  • Prevailing legislation: OSHA 1994, FMA 1967 and COP.
  • Plant/Company SOP on confined space entry.
  • Characteristics of confined spaces.
  • Entry organization and duties of authorized persons.
  • Confined space entry work permit.
  • Confined space equipment familiarization:  -PPE / SCBA / Escape sets / Gas detectors / Ventilators / Retrieval system / Signs.
  • Entry Procedure – Admin Arrangements: – Confined Space Program / Preparation
  • Entry Procedure – Operation: – Isolation / Safe Atmosphere / Testing of Atmosphere and Air monitoring / Ventilation / Permit to Enter / Communication / Emergency & Rescue
  • Quizzes and practical assessments.


confined space1

confined space2